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Korrespondens med Erik Verlinde

Som nämnts i förra posten föregrep jag 2007/08 på denna blogg en teori, som i slutet av förra året lanserades av strängteoretikern Erik Verlinde. Jag hade därefter en smärre mailkonversation med honom, och har nu fått Eriks tillåtelse att publicera hans kommentarer till min text (som jag översatte till engelska).

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From: Rickard Berghorn <rickard.berghorn@gmail.com>

To: Erik Verlinde <xxxxx@uva.nl>

Date: 27 jan 2010 04.48

Subject: Inertia, mass and gravitation – my text from 2007/08

Dear Erik –

I have now re-published my text from 2007-2008 on my blog, it is here:

I have made a rough translation to english, and the text follows down here. I think the part about the thermodynamic arrow of time and relativistic time dilation is of most interest.

Some small changes are marked with brackets. The publication 2007/2008 should be found in, for example, Google’s cash memory.

[Part of the mail deleted]

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From: Verlinde, E.P. <xxxxx@uva.nl>

To: Rickard Berghorn <rickard.berghorn@gmail.com>

Date: 27 jan 2010 06.46

Subject: RE: Inertia, mass and gravitation – my text from 2007/08

Dear Rickard,

Thank you for your mail, and sending me your text. Your ideas do sound surprisingly similar.  In a way I am happy to see that, and I congratulate you on that too.

In my scientific community these arguments are new. And although some statements exists about the thermodynamic analogy with gravity, the essential points of my paper are new. Especially the notion of an entropic force is not well understood by my colleagues. It will really take a lot more to make people convinced that this is the right way to look at things. More than words, and more than the equations in my paper. The hard work comes now. And as always in science, eventually one needs proof, or at least very convincing evidence.

I hope the next steps can be made in a reasonable time, and that these ideas really lead to a scientific breakthrough. But I worry a bit that the time may not be right yet to take those steps that are necessary to turn this into a scientifically acceptable theory. Time will tell.

best regards,


/ Rickard Berghorn


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